Creative minds can bring amazing changes

Creativity is not solid. It is fluid.

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We are all amazing

Even if you think that you are the most normal person who is walking the earth just now and that ...

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Everyone of us is creative in our own rights

Creativity is not solid. It is fluid. It can take any form any shape and can flow in and out of the ...

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Creative minds can bring amazing changes

We are all amazing:

Even if you think that you are the most normal person who is walking the earth just now and that you have no creative juices in you, let me tell you one thing my dear friend and that is you are the most farthest away from the real truth!

Everyone of us is creative in our own rights:

Creativity is not solid. It is fluid. It can take any form any shape and can flow in and out of the person just like a stream. And just like a stream it has the capacity to replenish and nourish the soul and make it fuller again. So, if you find that your soul is dry and you have given to the world everythingthat you had, think again!

You just have to figure it out for yourself:

There will be time when you will think that you have nothing left in you. No will to move and no aptitude to pursue. Probably, there is nothing right then to excite you to move forward and embrace a skill. If this is what is happening to you just now, rest!

Let me assure you that this is just a passing phase. It will be over as soon as it has come and then when your soul is yearning for something to do, you must feed it with a lot of creativity.

The introspection:

You will need to dwell deeply inside yourself to know exactly what it is that you want out of yourself. You will have to go back in time, close your eyes if required and think what is it that one or couple of activities that you most enjoyed when you were never chock a block with work. What was it when you taught that when you do all your weariness and your fatigue could drain out?

Was it writing a verse, a short story may be of that sweet little girl you were watching all on your way back from work? Gardening? May be it is photography classes or even making loving cards and notes of loved ones?

You can improve on your skills:

The other day, I salvaged a diary from my attic and I could not believe what I saw. This was my diary when I was in the sixth grade and it was full of doodling and short verses of everyday mundane things but I thought that I wrote very well back then. I may have never thought about the fact that I do have talent in verse making and drawing until I had recovered this precious treasure which was lying abandoned right in y house!

And so, I set out:

My kids were now big enough to take care of themselves even though they stuck around for most of the time. I was not into full time working either and so I thought of devoting a little amount of each day to something that was in me and I was passionate about sometime in my life.

Each day was a discovery:

I looked up on the internet for options to hone my skills and surprise of surprises, there was not one, two or ten there were hundreds of options. Some were closer home while some were so far away that it would have never been possible to even know them leave them alone count them as an alternative if our very own Google was not at our service!

I zeroed in on the best place that I could get back on the basics and then what was more? I cannot tell you how I reclaimed myself again!

There were days when I was working on my art and poetry and I would find time just slipping by me. There was a time when I used to be so bored that I used to think that life was depressing with nothing really exciting to do or look forward to. Now, my perception of living and spending my spare time had completely changed. So much that now I was ready to take on the world with m art.

My first display:

One year into my passion and I was ready to exhibit my work to the world. I partnered with a up and coming artist in the neighborhood and we hired a gallery to showcase our work. It was a rewarding experience because soon enough I was getting letters from the local industries to work for them. I opted to freelance for them and in the bargain have learnt so much from the industry practices that sometimes I really wonder what would have happened if I had not unearthed my childhood memories!!