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Creativity is not solid. It is fluid.

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What’s in for you?

Are you passionate about something but you think that you lack the expertise to make it big? Do you think that you have the skill but probably only good enough to make not to be able to market it and earn profitably out of it?

Let us help you:

We have been in the field of teaching vocational art and craft for a period of five decades. From the time that our students used to come into our brick and mortar schools to now when most of our curriculum is online excepting a few courses where physical touch is extremely important to teach the nitty gritties of the art.

So, be it pottery or paper craft, we can help you learn the nuances of everything. Not only this but also we are the perfect link between the artist/professional and the market. So if you think you want to make something out of your passion and creativity, we are the address that you are looking for.

Our tie ups with market pioneers:

We are famous for having retained excellent and promising talent as not only our faculty but also recommended vendors for export of such art and craft projects. We will help you negotiate and find yourself a buyer in the market both locally and internationally. And this we do with no other motive than to further the interest of art and culture and to foster tiesof economy and friendship across the borders so that peace and harmony prevails in the world.

Contact us:

You can write to us at our addresses given below for a complete prospectus for the classes that are available. Also, you can shoot us a mail in order to know anything specific about any course that you would be interested in. fees is nominal and you also have the choice to pay us in installments. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up before our seats get full!!